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ORION INVESTIGATIONS - John W. Leccese is a former police detective with over 40 years of professional experience and has conducted over 5,000 criminal investigations in the Boston area.

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Licensed Professional Investigator/Security Consultant
Criminal/Civil/Domestic Investigations
Massachusetts & New Hampshire
Licensed / Bonded / Insured
ORION INVESTIGATIONS is owned and operated by John W. Leccese. We are a full service private detective agency operating throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire and conveniently based just 10 miles north of Boston.

In 2002 John W. Leccese obtained his Massachusetts Private Detective license issued by the Massachusetts State Police. In 2003 he retired from his 27 year law enforcement career and established ORION INVESTIGATIONS.

John W. Leccese has been employed in the investigative and security fields for over 40 years and has extensive training and experience in investigative techniques including; crime scene investigations, latent fingerprint and evidence recovery, interviews and interrogations and trial preparation and prosecution.

John W. Leccese was employed by Raytheon Company from 1972 to 1975 where he was assigned to the security division. In 1975 he was hired by the Stoneham Massachusetts Police Department as a patrolman and in 1980 he was promoted to detective and served in the detective division for over 23 years until his retirement in 2003. John W. Leccese has conducted over 5,000 criminal investigations over his law enforcement career. His extraordinary ability in solving cases was mainly due to his tenacious work ethic and meticulous investigations. John W. Leccese believes that there is evidence and clues to be obtained in each and every case which makes them all potentially solvable.

John W. Leccese has developed a vast network of law enforcement contacts. He attended detective meetings for over 23 years where law enforcement officers from local, state, and federal agencies met to exchange valuable information.

Over the past 10 years John W. Leccese has been hired to investigate numerous personal injury cases that resulted in judgments for his clients worth millions of dollars. John W. Leccese has solved many cases throughout his career utilizing a timely and organized approach. His method of operation enables him to consistently produce eyewitnesses, statements, photographs and evidence crucial to the investigation.

His investigative experience in the private sector included employment with Burger King Corporation from 1987 to 1992 as the Northeast Loss Prevention Officer. John W. Leccese was responsible for investigating all criminal cases, personal injury claims, security issues and cash handling procedures. He initiated the practice of meeting with other restaurant corporations on a monthly basis to discuss security issues and exchange valuable information.

John W. Leccese is dedicated to providing the highest quality investigation and support services to law firms which he assures to be skilled, accurate, and complete. Knowing when and how to take a statement is crucial to any criminal defense case. His professional experience and training over the past 40 years make him an ideal addition to any legal defense team.

John W. Leccese ensures that each request for investigative services will be carefully and professionally evaluated in order to provide his client with a plan of action suited to their particular needs. He is committed to providing well-managed, efficient and cost effective services to his clients. Each case will be hand tailored to the client's needs and at all times maintain the highest degree of confidentiality.

John W. Leccese is a skilled professional at locating victims, witnesses, and suspects. The victim/witness interview and written (signed) or recorded statement are perhaps two of the most crucial and critical aspects of any investigation. Anyone can conduct an interview or take a statement but knowing which questions to ask (and not to ask) is the first key step to obtaining a favorable statement for your client.

He has interviewed thousands of victims, witnesses, and suspects over his professional career. "Training & Experience Make The Difference" John W. Leccese has the experience of tailoring his interviewing techniques to specific situations in order to maximize the quantity and quality of information obtained. As a result, John W. Leccese has been very successful in obtaining the written (signed) or recorded statement that is beneficial to his client.

Since his retirement as a municipal police detective, John W. Leccese has been asked to investigate several "Cold Cases" by families of missing children in conjunction with the
" Molly Bish Foundation" (

The family of missing person Charlie Allen recently reached out to John W. Leccese for assistance in the disappearance of their son. He is currently the lead investigator on this case as well, volunteering his services in an effort to bring their son home.
See (

Charlie Allen aka Neo Babson Maximus was a 22-year old senior at UMASS in Dartmouth and went missing on October 12, 2007. Law enforcement conducted an extensive three-day search to no avail. John W. Leccese is currently investigating the case as well as coordinating a second search for Charlie Allen in the four square mile wooded area where the subject was last observed.

John W. Leccese has a close working relationship with law enforcement in any "Cold Case" homicide investigations he undertakes. He utilizes professional techniques to locate runaway children, child abductions and missing persons.

ORION INVESTIGATIONS is available 24/7. We conduct covert surveillances providing still and video photography documentation specializing in personal injury, elderly abuse (nursing home), workman's compensation, insurance claims, cheating spouses and all investigations. Our techniques and experience in the corporate sector can expose internal and external theft you are currently experiencing which could save your company thousands of dollars in losses. Our expertise will allow restitution recovery through the court system or in a more discreet method which enables our clients a low-profile solution.

A trained undercover operative can be situated within your company to work along side regular employees to observe any problems within your company including; theft (internal/external), drug use/distribution, policy violations, sexual harassment, etc. An undercover will provide "inside" information identifying any weaknesses in the facility's security and "targeted" or susceptible areas.

Infidelity or "Cheating Spouse" investigations are one of our specialties. Our surveillance specialists are experienced and very successful at getting that "special moment" on tape.


John W. Leccese Experience

Licensed Private Detective of Massachusetts & NH  (2002 to Present)
Stoneham Police Detective (1980-2003)
Security Consultant/Loss Prevention, Burger King Corporation (1987-1992)
Stoneham Police Patrol Officer (1975-1980)
Raytheon Security (1972 - 1975)


. Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA. Master of Arts/Criminal Justice, Graduated with Honors, August/1982
. Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Bachelor of Science/
. Law Enforcement, Graduated with Honors, June/1981
. Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Associate/
. Law Enforcement, Graduated with Honors, June/1979


. Boston Police Academy Basic Training (1977)
. Massachusetts State Police, Criminal Investigators School
. Massachusetts State Police, Crime Scene Search School
. Federal Bureau of Investigations, Background Investigations
. Federal Bureau of Investigations, Criminal Personality Profiling
. Federal Bureau of Investigations, Advanced Investigative Techniques
. Middlesex District Attorney's Office, Investigative Techniques
. Federal Bureau of Investigations, Fingerprinting School
. Massachusetts State Police, Fingerprinting School
. Massachusetts State Police, Police Photography
. Massachusetts State Police, Arson Investigation
. Massachusetts State Police, Rape Investigation
. Massachusetts Criminal Training Council, Credit Card/Check Fraud
. Middlesex District Attorney's Office, Court Prosecutor
. Smith & Wesson "Ident-I-Kit" Systems Training (suspect composites)
. "The Reid Method" Criminal Interview & Interrogations, Wicklander
. Massachusetts State Police, Bomb Detection School
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Boston Police drug raid and planning/execution of search warrants.
. Federal Bureau of Investigations, New England Conference of Homicide Investigations.
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Investigations of Serial Homicides.
. National Law Enforcement Institute/ Bite Marks; crime scene
. Processing; multiple victim crime   scenes; forensic pathology; hair and fiber evidence.
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Baton Instructor
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Firearms Instructor
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Use of deadly force.
. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Law Enforcement Training @ Camp Curtis Guild, Specialized   School in Firearms Training sponsored by New England Chiefs of Police.
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Shotgun Instructor
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Revolver Instructor
. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, Hostage Negotiations instructed by FBI   Agent Jim Link
. Northeastern Massachusetts Tactical Patrol Unit (S.W.A.T.) 1978-1986 Trained in all units, specialized assignment - anti-sniper unit.
. Utilization of Technical Equipment
. Critical Incident Command for Supervisors
. Statement Analysis Training
. Behavioral Analysis Interviewing
. Data Base Information Websites for Professional Investigators
. Various Training Seminars.
. Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts Member (LPDAM)
. Molly Bish Foundation- " Cold Case" Investigator for Missing Children.
. Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services-Public Defense Vendor
. Essex County Juvenile Court Investigator
. Guest Lecturer @ Boston University's Private Investigator School
. Member of Dr. Henry C. Lee's "Cold Case Team"
. Guest on A&E Television Series, "Psychic Kids"
. Guest consultant on NECN TV "The Art of Negotiations"
. Guest on NBC TV Series "Disappeared"
. Internet Profiling & Intelligence Gathering


. Massachusetts Detective Association Meetings from 1980 to 2003.
. Follow-up investigations of all crimes.
. Fingerprint, photograph, and process all crime scenes.
. Arrest criminal suspects.
. Trial preparation and prosecution of cases.
. Execute search warrants and arrest warrants.
. Fingerprint and photograph arrested suspects.
. Prepare composites of suspects/missing persons.
. In charge of Stoneham Police fingerprint and photograph system.
. Coordinate "Sex Offender Registration" for Stoneham Police Department.
. Member of the Stoneham Community Police Unit; In charge of fingerprinting thousands of children in the Stoneham school system as well as providing local businesses with "Ident-a-Kid" programs.

John W. Leccese Awards

Recipient of many certificates of commendation for outstanding Investigations presented by the Stoneham Chiefs of Police and Middlesex District Attorney's Office.

. 1982 "Police Officer of the Year Award" selected by the Superior Officers of the Stoneham Police Department.

. 1996 "Police Officer of the Year Award" selected by the Patrolmen of The Stoneham Police Department.

. 2002 "Massachusetts Coalition of Police" (Mass C.O.P.) AFL-CIO Local 266
"PRESIDENT'S AWARD" Presented for: The arrest and conviction of a suspect in a double motor vehicle homicide where suspect fled the scene after causing the crash, which left a 16-year-old girl and her 19 year old boyfriend dead. Over one year later and little to go on Detective Leccese was assigned to the case. After a lengthy and diligent investigation capped by a grand jury probe, nearly four years later the suspect was arrested by Detective Leccese for two counts of M/V homicide, two counts of leaving an accident scene after causing death and one count of intimidating a witness. Justice is served.

"As a professional investigator I am committed to investigative excellence and ensure the highest degree of confidentiality."


MPA- Massachusetts Police Association
RSCMEA-Retired State,County & Municipal Employees of Mass.
MRPO-Massachusetts Retired Police Officers 
LPDAM- Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts
MACDL Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


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