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ORION INVESTIGATIONS - John W. Leccese is a former police detective with over 40 years of professional experience and has conducted over 5,000 criminal investigations in the Boston area.

Orion the Hunter

Rising in the eastern sky, the figure of The Hunter is easy to see-bright stars at his shoulders and knees, his three belt stars in a row. In one version of the Greek myth, ORION boasted that he was the best hunter in the world. Angered by his pride, Gaia, the Earth goddess, sent a scorpion to sting him in the foot and kill him. To protect him, the goddess Diana placed him in the sky as far as possible from Scorpius. From March to May, we see the drama replayed each night: ORION sinks to the Earth in the west as Scorpius rises in the east. The following November, ORION, restored to life by the god of medicine, rises again.  

Orion Investigations