Cold Case Murder - Crimal Defense - Personal Injury - Missing Person - Spousal Investigation

ORION INVESTIGATIONS - John W. Leccese is a former police detective with over 40 years of professional experience and has conducted over 5,000 criminal investigations in the Boston area.


John W. Leccese has an excellent working knowledge as a professional investigator as well as a security consultant. He has investigated thousands of criminal cases over his 27 year career as a municipal police detective, various in nature including; homicide, suicide, suspicious/sudden death, rape, forgery, arson, counterfeiting, credit card/check fraud, embezzlement, extortion, illegal narcotics, crimes against the elderly, armed robbery, breaking & entering and any other crime imaginable.

 ORION INVESTIGATIONS is a full service detective agency operating in Massachusetts and New  Hampshire, specializing in the following areas:


. Criminal Defense Investigations (Trial Preparation)
. Civil Litigation Investigations (Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Elderly Abuse)
. Corporate Investigations
. Witness Interviews & Statements
. Asset & Record Searches
. Skip Tracing
. Photography Documentation (Still & Video)
. Background Investigations
. Child Recovery (Spousal Abduction, Runaways)
. Insurance Fraud Investigations
. Matrimonial Investigations (Cheating Spouse)
. Locate Old Friends, Loved Ones, Birth Parents, etc.
. Surveillance
. "Cold Case" Murders
. Missing Persons
. Polygraph Services

. Corporate Intelligence
. Corporate Security (Threat Assessment, Workplace Violence)
. Electronic Intrusion Countermeasures and Detection (Sweeps)
. Counter Surveillance
. Loss Prevention, Cash Handling Procedures
. Armed Close Protection (Executive, Celebrity, or Family)

ORION INVESTIGATIONS researches public records (birth, death, marriage, divorce, property, etc.) to obtain background information, records checks, assets and locating of individuals with complete discretion and confidentiality.

We offer Employment Screening and Background Checks:

. Credit Report (Employment & Tenant)
. Prior/Present Employment Verification
. Education Verification
. Workman's Compensation Search (Where Available)
. Medicaid Sanctions
. Business Credit Rating
. GSA-Excluded parties from Federal Contracts
. Terrorist Registry (OFAC-US), (OSFI-Canada), UK
. FDA Debarment-Excluded from Food/Drug/Cosmetics
. Denied Persons-Importing & Exporting
. G.A.P.S. - Global Awareness Protection Service
. H.E.L.P. Healthcare Exclusionary Lists Plus

We utilize hundreds of databases to conduct searches on individuals and corporations and have access to the "Science Through Data" and the tools to help efficiently conduct searches. Our sources are able to combine data from thousands of different sources creating the most comprehensive collection of information about people in the United States. Data sources are updated daily and records may date back 30+ years with the most current information.

Data searches include but are not limited to:

Address Summary, SS# Search, Driver's License Search,
Credit Header Search, Eviction Suits, Civil Suits, Bankruptcies Liens & Judgments, Foreclosures, OFAC, People Search, Marriage, Divorce, Death Records, Voter Registration, Professional Licenses, Concealed Weapons Permits, Reverse Phone Search, Address Summary, Current listed Phones, Possible Relatives and Neighbors, People At Work (Possible employees), Internet Domains, Dun & Bradstreet, Census Data, Property Deeds and Assessments, Business Search, Criminal National Search, Court Records, Department of Correction Records, Sex Offenders (from over 38 states where available), NBD Multi-State Sex Offender (registered from 29 states), Felony and Misdemeanor County Reports, Property Search, UCC Search, Motor Vehicle, Watercraft Search, MVR Driver's Records,

BUSINESS- Business records contain information about businesses and government agencies. These records can help identify business relationships. Our searching capabilities allow you to obtain information on Corporation Filings, Business Registration, Associated Businesses, Associated People, Business Contacts, National UCC Filings, Internet Domains, Dun & Bradstreet and much more.
ASSET- Allow you to combine specific information such as: company name, last, first, and middle name, street address, city, state, zip code, Social Security number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and registration number. Find motor vehicle records such as owner, type of vehicle and any liens.
Asset searches may include motor vehicles, property assessments, property deeds, watercraft, FAA aircraft, professional licenses, FAA pilots, hunting/fishing licenses, weapons permits, voter registration, federal firearms and explosives, etc.
COURT- Bankruptcy records, sexual offenders, marriages, divorces, death records, foreclosures, liens & judgments.

Our sources offer powerful investigative tools that provide access to billions of public and proprietary records on people, businesses, and their assets. They give the most information, best data sources and fastest delivery.

*Note: (Some restrictions may apply)
Some agencies require specific release forms and/or customer authorization.
Additional fees imposed by jurisdictions and agencies may also apply.
Turn-around times may vary depending on availability of automated access.
Estimated turnaround times will be given.
(Data base information will be obtained and used in all legal methods)


Clients should be price conscious but be quality conscious as well.
Not always, but in most cases you get what you pay for. When a company charges a sub-standard price it is most likely because they are not as qualified or experienced and cannot compete with the higher priced, more experienced investigators. You will find honor among quality professionals. It will pay for you to carefully examine each investigator's skills, training & experience and specialty fields. In this way, you may find one investigator more appealing to your specific needs.

"As a professional investigator I am committed to investigative excellence and I ensure the highest degree of confidentiality."  -John W. Leccese


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